Arrow Launcher 更新, 加入 IM Preview Support, Performance Mode

Arrow Launcher

Microsoft 開發的 Arrow Launcher,嶊出了更新 v2.3.0 版本,加入了一些很好用的功能。

首先,在 Recent Page 內,除了原有近期的通話聯絡記錄外,現在還可以加入 Instant Messenger Support Preview,可以更加方便查看跟朋友的對話,不用特意開啟 IM App。

Arrow Launcher IM Preview Support

第二項是 Performance Mode,就是將 Arrow Launcher 內的 Background Animation 和 Blur Settings 關掉,以使 Arrow Launcher 可以更加快速和流暢。

Performance Mode

除了上述兩項外,Arrow Launcher 更新還加入了 Bing Search。另外,還有改進了 Page Swipes, App Launches, Memory Usage 等,可以讓 Arrow Launcher 操作更加快速。

1) “Recent” page: Instant messenger support
Ever wanted to quickly find your instant messenger chats with friends, without having to launch each IM app separately? We have the solution for you.
2) Performance mode
Turn off background animations and blur settings to make Arrow Launcher faster.
3) Bing search
It’s here!
4) Performance
Now faster in terms of page swipes, app launches, memory usage, and more.

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