Android Paid Market 將會包括香港?

之前提過, Google 會陸續開放Android Paid Market 予不同的國家地區, 但Google 尚未表示有那些國家和地區. 剛剛 Distimo (從事App Store Analytics) 發表消息指, 這些地區包括香港, 新加坡, 比利時, 巴西, 芬蘭, 等地. 當然這個消息並不是Google 官方發佈, 所以還要有待確認.

Until recently, paid applications were supported in only 14 of the 48 available Google Android Market countries. It seems that Google just started to expand the set of countries where paid applications are available.

Over the last weekend, we have seen 13 new countries where paid content has been added to the Android Market

Source: Distimo