Android Market 將接受 PayPal 付款

根據 The Street 報道, Google 將會在本月稍後時間公佈 Android Market 將可接納使用PayPal 進行付款. 早前已經有消息指Google 和PayPal 正就有關問題進行商討, 而根據報道兩間公司已達成協議, 並有機會於十月二十六日的 PayPal 開發者會議 (PayPal developers’ conference) 上公佈.

這陣子Google 都在不斷強化 Android Market, 包括將Android 的收費Market 開放至更多國家地區, 為Android Market 內的收費軟件提供格價轉換以顯示當地貨幣. 這些舉動都有助 Android 市場進一步擴大. 若配合PayPal 的付費模式, 相信會有更多開發商和用家投入 Android 陣營.

NEW YORK (TheStreet) — Google(GOOG_) has finally enlisted eBay’s(EBAY_) PayPal service and is preparing to launch the payment system on its Android Market later this month.

The two Net giants had been moving closer to an agreement in recent weeks. Now, sources familiar with the situation say the deal is all but sealed, with an announcement coming as early as Oct. 26 during the PayPal developers’ conference in San Francisco.

Source: The Street