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Android 手機打街霸4,LG 率先玩

LG Street Fighter IV 街頭霸王

LG 同 CAPCOM 達成協議,LG 旗下首部 HD Android 智能手機將會率先載有街頭霸王4(Street Fighter IV)。

根據協議,當 CAPCOM 推出街頭霸王4 Android 版本後,LG 的手機將有三個月的獨家期。

而街霸4預計會在今年第四季會在 LG 旗下的 Apps Site 推出。

As we prepare our first HD smartphone for launch, it was important for us to be able to offer HD content that would really demonstrate this phone’s benefits. The HD version of Street Fighter certainly fills this objective. We are also confident that LG’s soon-to-be-unveiled HD display technology will give Street Fighter fans a whole new reason to play the game again.

資料來源:LG News Release