LG 明天 (1/5) 推雲端媒體串流服務

LG Cloud

Google Drive 之後,又有一家大企業加入雲端的戰場。LG 將會在明天推出 LG Cloud 雲端多媒體串流服務。

用家將內容上載至 LG Cloud,就可以在手機,電腦和智能電視間分享內容。

用戶可以在手機,電腦,或電視安裝 LG Cloud App。LG Cloud 就可將內容同步至雲端,在其他裝置觀賞。

跟其他雲端儲存不同,LG Cloud 提供媒體串流服務。用家可透過串流播放影片,用家不用等待整套影片下載完成,亦不用擔心格式問題。

Unlike other cloud services, there’s very little waiting or lag time since the content is streamed to the TV, PC or smartphone, not downloaded first.

The difference is in LG’s Real-time Streaming Transcoding technology. The conversion happens on the server in realtime, not on the device. There is no need to worry about installing codecs or converters, everything happens seamlessly and in the background with no involvement from the user. No other cloud service can make this same claim.

LG Cloud 會有免費和收費服務,至於免費空間多少和收費詳情則按不同市場而定。

LG Cloud will be offered as both a free and paid service. Free storage space and pricing will differ market to market and will be announced separately as the service becomes available in that country.

明天 (1/5) 可以留意 LG 這個新的雲端服務!