Dolphin Browser 更新, 支援 Android 5.0 Flash

Dolphin Browser Flash

雖然 Adobe 已經停止了 Mobile Flash Player 的開發,而且很多 Website 亦不再依賴 Flash,但很多人仍然期望手機瀏覽器可以支援 Flash。

最新 Dolphin Browser 推出的更新,就繼續在 Flash 方面下功夫。在 Android 5.0 Lollipop 除了改善瀏覽體驗外,Dolphin 亦可以支援 Flash。

除了 Flash 外,新功能還有可以透過 Dolphin Connect 將 Dolphin Browser 內的 Speed dials, Add-ons, Settings 等作同步,亦可以透過 NFC 分享網頁。

What’s New
[Add] Flash support and enhanced browsing experience on Android 5.0
[Add] Merry Christmas! Check out gorgeous Christmas wallpapers in Theme.
[Add] Sync speed dials, add-ons, themes, settings and more via Dolphin Connect
[Add] Share pages between devices using NFC (permission “control Near Field Communication”)
[Add] Auto-clear app storage when device storage is not enough (permission “measure app storage space”)
[Improve] Gesture and sonar
[Improve] Auto-hide bottom bar when browsing webpages