Adobe Photoshop Mix 更新,支援將多個圖層合併

Adobe Photoshop Mix

圖像編輯 Apps “Adobe Photoshop Mix” 推出更新 v2.0,加入了數個新功能,當中最好就是圖層合併功能。

過往在 Photoshop Mix 內,只有兩個圖層可操作,新版本可支援多達五個圖層,可以將不同的圖層合併,創作出更複雜更多變化的相片。

Adobe Photoshop Mix Layer

另外就是增設了 Blend Modes 可以調較圖層的透澈度,讓相片有不同的透視效果。最後就是 Selective Looks 濾鏡效果,新版本就可以加設無限數量的 Selective Looks。

  • Ability to combine more than two layers: Create more complex images now that you can combine up to five layers in a single image.
  • Sophisticated blending: Control layer opacity to seamlessly blend images for realistic or artistic results with new Blend Modes.
  • Unlimited Selective Looks: Apply as many Selective Looks as you want to each image layer to get just the effect you want.

Photoshop Mix 更新已在 Play Store 推出,但推送似乎十分慢,可能還要等一段時間才收到。