Chrome for Android 55, 更強的下載功能

Chrome for Android 推出了 v55 更新,今次加入了數項改進,當中最重要改進應是下載功能。

網頁內容可以整頁下載並作為離線閱讀,只要點按右上角三點按鈕,在彈出的頁面最上就有 “下載” 箭咀按鈕,點按就可以下載網頁。

Chrome 55 Download 下載Chrome 55 Download Offline

除了下載網頁外,網頁內的影片內容亦可以下載。例如在蘋果日報的網頁影片,在影片下方的控制按鈕亦有 “下載” 箭咀按鈕可以將影片下載。

Chrome 55 Download 下載 Video


Chrome 55 Download PageChrome 55 Download Storage

This release contains performance, memory, and stability fixes, as well as a few new features:
– Easily download music, videos, and even full web pages for viewing offline
– View and share your downloads within Chrome
– See misspelled words highlighted in text fields
– Improvements to contextual search UI