Android O “AutoFill” 功能示範

Android O AutoFill

早前介紹過 Android O 會加入了 AutoFill 功能,在 Apps 內若要輸入登入資料,就可以選擇對應的 “AutoFill” App (就如選 Keyboard App 般),再由 “AutoFill” App 自動填入資料。

而密碼管理 App “1Password” 就製作了一段示範影片,展示 Android O 的 AutoFill 功能和操作方式。

影片示範 Login 登入 Twitter,在 Login 名稱一欄下方就會有一個提示可以選按 “1Password” App。點按後,就可用指紋啟動 1Password。跟著 Login 名稱欄下方就會有 之前已儲存的 Twitter 帳戶選擇,只要選按就會自動填上 Login 和 Password 資料。

after navigating to the login page in the Twitter app, the Autofill Framework notified 1Password that there were some fields that could be filled. 1Password then responded by letting the Autofill Framework know it recognized those fields as a login form, but that it needed to be unlocked first. I was then prompted to unlock 1Password if I wanted to continue.

After I unlocked 1Password with my fingerprint, my example Twitter credentials were displayed in a dropdown provided by the Autofill Framework and automatically filled when I tapped on them.

簡單而言,就是選按 支援 AutoFill App,跟著用指紋解鎖 AutoFill App,之後就可選擇載入之前已儲存的帳戶資料,整個過程都算流暢簡單。

Source: AgileBits Blog