Capcom 將會推出經典遊戲 1942, 魔界村等

1942, 魔界村

Capcom 公佈他們計劃將四款經典遊戲在 Android 和 iOS 平台重新推出,包括 1942 和 魔界村。

四款遊戲分別是 1942, 魔界村, 大魔界村和 戰場之狼。這幾款遊戲都是八十年代的經典,Capcom 表示四款遊戲會跟隨原作風格,但會讓玩家可以更容易在觸控裝置上操作,也會提供操控選項例如連續發射以及不同的按鈕擺位。遊戲亦會加入排名榜,可以跟世界各地不同玩家一齊比併。

1942 Mobile – This vertically scrolling shoot ’em up tasks players with battling through the entire enemy fleet. Shoot down enemy planes, avoid enemy fire and perform rolls and loops to avoid certain death in this epic retro nail-biter.

Ghosts’N Goblins™ Mobile – Return to the days of yesteryear in this famously difficult action-platformer. As Sir Arthur, you must battle against demons and undead in order to rescue the princess Prin-Prin.

Ghouls’N Ghosts™ Mobile – Better, bigger and more beloved, this legendary side scrolling platformer pick up where Ghost ‘n Goblins ends.

Wolf of the Battlefield: Commando Mobile – Armed with a sub-machine gun and a limited supply hand grenades, players battle through legions of enemy troops in this classic vertical scrolling shooter.

四款遊戲預計會在未來數月推出,Capcom 亦設立了預先登記網頁,可以接收有關遊戲的最新消息。