Sony Xperia XZ Premium 新顏色 Bronze Pink

Sony Xperia XZ Premium Bronze Pink

Sony Mobile 公佈 Xperia XZ Premium 將會推出新顏色 Bronze Pink 銅粉紅色。

這是繼黑色 (Deepsea Black) 和銀灰色 (Luminous Chrome) 後,XZ Premium 推出的第三種顏色。Bronze Pink 將會在六月底於特定市場推出。

We wanted to find a colour that represented a feeling of warmth whilst at the same time exemplifying the premium features and design. The bronze metallic finish adds a feeling of depth to the glass on the front and back. Also just like the other colours every part of the Xperia XZ Premium Bronze Pink has been expertly crafted – such as the top and bottom edges, which are carefully diamond cut and creates an added shine. It’s a chic addition to the choice of colours offered with XZ Premium.

Sony Xperia XZ Premium Bronze Pink

Source: Sony Mobile Blog