Vivo 展示 “屏幕下指紋掃描” 智能電話

Vivo "屏幕下指紋掃描"

指紋掃描感應一直以來都是一個獨立部件,一是設在 Home 按鈕位置,一是設在機背。近年來廠商都積極研究將指紋掃描感應移至屏幕下,以讓機身騰出更多空間。

終於 Vivo 在 CES 2018 展示了全球首部 “屏幕下指紋掃描” 智能電話,用家只要在屏幕上特定位置按下,就可進行指紋掃描。

This latest fingerprint scanning technology delivers a whole new mobile experience by enabling users to unlock their smartphone through one-touch fingerprint scanning directly on the smartphone display,


A graphical UI will show up on Vivo’s smartphone screen in any scenario that fingerprint recognition is required, such as when the screen is off, during software unlocking, or even mobile payment authentication. Users can press the fingerprint graphic on the screen to perform unlocking, payment and other operations. When fingerprint recognition is not required, the UI will be invisible and will not disrupt the overall visual experience.

Vivo 表示有關技術已完備,已經進入可以量產階段。”屏幕下指紋掃描” 智能電話推出時間將會在今年初公佈。

下面是 In-Display Fingerprint Sensor 示範影片

Source: Vivo