LG 開設全新軟件升級中心, 加快更新推送


LG 公佈在韓國設立一個全新的軟件升級中心 (Software Upgrade Center),以向全球客戶提供更快的手機系統和軟件更新。

這個新成立的軟件升級中心位處韓國首爾西部的 LG 研發基地內,中心除了負責開發和推送 LG 智能電話的系統更新外,亦會持續測試手機裝置在升級後的軟硬件的穩定和兼容性,以確保用家有良好的使用體驗。

軟件升級中心可以加快 LG 手機的軟件系統升級在不同國家地區的推送,而 LG G6 會是中心首個項目之一,將會在今個月稍後時間會先在韓國推送 Android Oreo 升級,之後在其他地區市場推送。


Investing Significant Resources Toward Extending Smartphone Lifespan

SEOUL, Apr. 12, 2018 — LG Electronics (LG) today opened the doors to its new Software Upgrade Center in South Korea, the first such facility aimed at providing customers worldwide with faster, timelier, smartphone operating system and software updates. Located in LG’s new research and development campus in Magok-dong, western Seoul, the Software Upgrade Center is just one of the ways LG is demonstrating its commitment to customers’ needs.

The Software Upgrade Center will not only be charged with developing and delivering regular OS updates for LG smartphones, it will also be responsible for ensuring a consistent user experience on LG devices by continuously testing the stability and compatibility between hardware and software after updates.

The creation of the center will enable LG to roll out OS updates faster in countries where LG smartphones are available to ensure that customers around the world receive the same level of quality service. One of the first initiatives of LG’s new Software Upgrade Center will be to roll out Android Oreo for the LG G6 later this month starting in Korea, followed by other key markets.

“Aligning after-sales support with customers’ needs is a top priority at LG,” said Mr. Jo Seong-jin, CEO of LG Electronics. “Stable and consistent upgrades will demonstrate to our customers that LG smartphones have long and reliable lifespans.”