Samsung 推出金色和紅色 Galaxy S9/S9+

Galaxy S9 Sunrise Gold Burgundy Red

Samsung 發出新聞稿宣佈推出金色 (Sunrise Gold) 和紅色 (Burgundy Red) Galaxy S9/S9+。

紅色只限韓國, 中國
Galaxy S9/S9+ 最初推出時已有四種顏色選擇,黑, 灰, 藍和紫色,現在再添兩個選擇。Samsung 表示用家使用科技產品亦需要展示個性化的一面,而顏色就是當中的最主要部份。兩款新顏色可以帶來現代感, 高貴的感覺。

The Sunrise Gold edition for Galaxy S9 and S9+ is Samsung’s first device to feature a satin gloss finish which wraps the smartphone in a tranquil glow and glimmer. The new Sunrise Gold color creates a feeling of both vibrancy and calm. This sophisticated finish was developed to appeal to all users by bringing a stylistic touch of high fashion and urban interior design to a user’s mobile device. The Burgundy Red edition is one of the deepest red colors available featuring restrained gloss for added density and a look that is contemporary and traditional – perfect for users who appreciate luxurious design.

不過兩款新顏色只限在特定市場推出,紅色 (Burgundy Red) 版本將會在今個月於韓國和中國開售,至於金色 (Sunrise Gold) 就會在六月於澳洲, 智利, 德國, 香港, 韓國, 墨西哥, 俄羅斯, 西班牙, 台灣, 阿聯酋和越南推出,稍後再會在其他市場推出。

Galaxy S9 Burgundy Red
Galaxy S9 Sunrise Gold