Nova Launcher v6.0 beta 推出,增設多項設定選項

Nova Launcher 推出了最新的 6.0 Beta,增設了多項設定選項,包括 App Drawer, Adaptive Icon, Folders 等。

首先是 Desktop 選項改動,例如 Search Bar 可選擇 Google or Nova Settings。
Nova Launcher v6.0 beta Desktop

第二項是 Adpative Icons 有更多選項,而且更可以自訂形狀。
Nova Launcher v6.0 beta IconNova Launcher v6.0 beta Adaptive Icon

第三項是 Folder。跟 Adaptive Icons 一樣,可以有不同形狀,另外亦有新的視窗風格。
Nova Launcher v6.0 beta FolderNova Launcher v6.0 beta Folder

Nova Launcher 6.0 Beta Changelogs
– Improved Settings menu layout: Dock options are now part of Desktop, more intuitive settings hierarchy, etc.
– Nova Settings are now searchable for faster parsing.
– More Adaptive Icon options available, including a new customizable shape.
– Option to automatically match folder and app drawer icon size to desktop.
– New window styles in folders: choose from windowed or immersive modes.
– Folder background shapes now share the same options as adaptive icons: Round, Squircle, etc.
– App drawer search bar can now be stylized like on the desktop.
– Search bar provider can now be set to Google or Nova Settings by default.
– Added vertical or horizontal scrolling options for folders.
– Icon resizing no longer requires Nova Prime (but you should probably buy it anyway).

若想試用 Nova Launcher Beta 版本,可以按下面的連結成為測試員,之後就可以在 Play Store 下載 Beta 版本。