Wear OS 手表不再有 Hangouts App


Wear OS Hangouts

Google Hangouts 服務已定於今年內退役,並會分成 Hangout Meet 和 Hangout Chat 兩個 Apps,並以商業用家為對像。

最新 Hangouts App 亦不會再在 Wear OS 裝置上提供。Google 表示 Wear OS 用家已不可 Google Play Store 下載 Hangouts。

用家的 Wear OS 手表本身已安裝了 Hangouts App,可以繼續檢視訊息列, 收發訊息, 接收通知。若果用家將 Hangouts 解除安裝,又或將手表 Factory Reset 就不可再有 Hangouts 了。用家若想繼續用,就謹記不要 Uninstall。

Hangouts on Wear OS by Google devices will no longer be available for download from the Google Play Store.

If you already have the Hangouts app installed on your watch, you will still be able to view message lists, send and receive messages, get notifications.

Source: Wear OS Support


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