Google Assistant 更新政策, 預設不儲存 Audio Data

Google Assistant

Google Assistant 很方便,可以透過語音就可以進行不同的操控,不過也引來一些私隱關注,不少人也擔心那些語音訊息指令會被 Google 保留甚至套用。最新 Google Assistant 就修改了一些私隱政策,可進一步保障用家的私隱。

首先,Google Assistant 預設不儲存任何 Audio Data。

By default, we don’t retain your audio recordings. This has been the case, and will remain unchanged. You can still use the Assistant to help you throughout the day, and have access to helpful features like Voice Match.

若果用家在設定內啟動了 Voice & Audio Activity setting,Google 才會儲存 Audio Data,以讓 Google Assistant 可以不斷學習辨認用家的聲音,以提升辨認的準確度。 Google 亦表明旗下的語音專家有機會聽取這些錄音訊息,以便調整 Google Assistant,而聽取的只佔全部 Audio Data 約 0.2%。

We take a number of precautions to protect data during the human review process—audio snippets are never associated with any user accounts and language experts only listen to a small set of queries (around 0.2 percent of all user audio snippets), only from users with VAA turned on.

今年稍後時間,Google 會有更新可以讓用家設定時限,當 Audio Data 超過這個時限就會自動刪除。

Source: Google Blog