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Google Wear OS 更新, 提升效能, 加快 App 啟動

Wear OS

Google 在 Wear OS Help Community 貼文公佈將會為 Wear OS 推出更新,提升系統效能,並會三方面改進。

首先是速度提升,Google 為 Wear OS 系統作出改進,讓 App 啟動速度加快 20%。第二項是改進配對,設定 Wear OS 手表和配對程序都有所改善。最後還有電池使用時間提升。

不過 Google 整篇貼文都寫得十分籠統,未有詳細講述當中的改動。例如關於改善電量,只寫著智能手表會有更長的電池使用,完全沒有講及做了甚麼改進,亦沒有講出電量使用可提升多少。簡單講就是 App 啟動快了 20%, 配對改善 並且有更長的電池使用時間。

Even faster than before
With the new update, your Wear OS smartwatch will keep up even better with the fast pace of your life. We’ve improved Wear OS from top to bottom, making the app launch and boot time up to 20% faster. You’ll see changes to the device controls making it even easier to manage different watch modes and workouts.

Pair in a snap
Setting up your Wear OS smartwatch has never been speedier! We have made enhancements to the pairing process, meaning you will be able to use your new smartwatch more reliably.

Better battery life
You want your smartwatch to match the pace of your lifestyle. With Wear OS, you can now do more throughout the day and enjoy a longer battery life on your smartwatch.

Google 表示更新會先在 Suunto 7 裝置推出,在未來數月會陸續在其他廠商的智能手表推送。

Source: Wear OS Help Community