Microsoft OneDrive for Android 會有全新 Home Screen 版面

Microsoft 公佈將會為 OneDrive for Android 推出更新,將會有全新的 Home Screen 版面。

今次更新後 Home Screen 版面將會分成三個部份,個人用家和 Work/School 用家會的版面會有分別。個人 OneDrive 用家的 Home Screen 會有 Accessed Files, Files Downloaded for offline use 以及 Memories 顯示 One This Day 相片,至於 Work/School OneDrive 用家就會有 Recent Files, Shared Libraries 和 Offline Files。

OneDrive for Android Home Screen

若想查看檔案列表,只需要點按 Files Tab 就可切換至如舊版本般。

This new experience replaces the previous home screen which showed a root view of your files. You can still navigate to the root view by tapping the Files tab, which appears beside the Home tab.

這個 OneDrive 新Home Screen 界面已經推出,只需使用 Android 6.0 或以上版本並安裝 OneDrive for Android 6.21 就可以。