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Google Password Manager 改進, 更一致操作體驗

Google Password Manager

Google Password Manager 密碼管理工具可以在 Chrome 和 Android 系統使用,不過兩者在使用操作上郤有些不一致,用家使用起來可能有點混亂。最新 Google 就將兩者的密碼管理操作簡化並統一兩者的操作體驗,用家在 Chrome 或 Android 管理密碼時就會看到同樣的畫面。

除了將 Chrome 和 Android 的操作統一外,還有其他的改進。在 Android 若使用安全度較低的密碼時會有警告提示,用家可隨即進行修改,做法跟 Chrome 的一致。另外,還加設了手動增加密碼, 密碼群組功能佰將同一網站或 Apps 的多組密碼保存至同一群組,在 Android Home Screen 可以加設密碼管理捷徑等。

– Manual password adding: Google is adding the ability to manually add passwords on all platforms.
– Multiple password grouping: Google says that if you have multiple passwords for the same sites or apps, they’ll now automatically group them.
– Home screen shortcut: If you use Password Manager frequently, you may want a shortcut to it and you can now add that to your Android home screens.
– iOS password generation: Google is going to let you generate passwords for iOS apps when you set Chrome as your autofill provider(!).
– Touch-to-Login on Chrome for Android: Google’s Touch-to-Login feature is now in Chrome on Android as a way to tap a button at the bottom of your screen and quickly login to a site.

Source: Google