Motorola 公布Milestone 2 详细

在美国, Motorola 发布了 Milestone 2 的详细资料, 采用 Android 2.2 FroYo, 并配备MotoBlur 接口. 硬件方面, 处理器是1GHz OMAP SOC processor, 512MB内存, 8GB 手机内置储存, 并配有 8GB microSD card. 镜头是500万像, 并可作 720p 高清录影. 和Milestone 一样备有QWERTY键盘.

较早前, 我们亦为大家找来 Milestone 2 的官方影片, 大家也可看看这部新电话.

Motorola MILESTONE™ 2 Gives You More for all your Smartphone Needs BASINGSTOKE, September 1, 2010 –– Motorola today introduced MILESTONE™ 2 enhanced with MOTOBLUR™. The Android™ 2.2 device offers more speed, more connectivity, more messaging, more storage, more web with Adobe® Flash® Player 10.1, more multimedia and more personalisation than the original award-winning MILESTONE.

The powerhouse device features a 1Ghz processor, allowing users to sift through their content quickly, even when running multiple applications simultaneously or a number of open web browser pages. Respond to e-mails or texts quickly with an improved and more spacious QWERTY keyboard including larger keys and better tactility for easier typing. MILESTONE 2 also acts as a 3G mobile hotspot1 to connect up to five WiFi® enabled devices, so you turn practically anywhere into a hive of productivity.

Source: Motorola