WhatsApp for Android 增设 Call Waiting 来电待接功能

WhatsApp for Android 增设 Call Waiting

上星期初 WhatsApp 为 iOS 版本更新,加设 Call Waiting 来电待接功能,现在亦为 Android 版本推出相同功能。

在 WhatsApp for Android v2.19.357 版本,加设了 Call Waiting 功能,形式就如平使用电话的 Call Waiting 一样。当在 WhatsApp 使用语音通话时,若有来电时就可以选择是否接听来电。

What’s new
– New privacy settings allow you to control who can add you to groups. Go to Settings > Account > Privacy > Groups to get started.
– Added call waiting support so you can choose to accept an incoming WhatsApp call while you’re already on another call.
– You can now require a fingerprint to unlock WhatsApp. Tap Settings > Account > Privacy > Fingerprint lock and enable Unlock with fingerprint.
– Fixed an issue which caused fast battery drain on some devices.

新版本已经在 Play Store 推出,但应该是分阶段推送,所以可能要再等一些时间才会有更新。